This journal is over. closed.

... and I'm shamelessly promoting my new journal xD O:)

go to: https://lizzypinksky.livejournal.com/

It's a blog. More mature than this one. I graduated from this lj back in 2013 and now felt like creating a new one.
It still contains kdrama and jdrama and kpop/jpop stuff haha I haven't graduated from my passion ;D just from my old life.

Feel free to add me on my new lj.
I'd be happy to hear from you.

Bye bye~~~

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A good day for kpop ☆

First thing to wake up to this morning was:

TaeTiSeo teaser =D
Actually I'm really looking forward to this~ even though they're going for the 3-member-sub-unit-thingy, they keep their style and won't go for the uber cute stuff, yay~

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That was enough spam for today~
At least in Kpop everything's going nicely and interesting for me~

Have a nice day. ☆